Satori Chiropractic Software

After 22 years in the Chiropractic Software industry, Satori is closing its doors.

We apologize, but after several years of losing money Satori has become too much of a financial burden to continue.

The changes to the industry this year, and the fact that Satori is not 64 bit compliant with the newer operating systems make it difficult for offices to run Satori and stay current with hardware and software these days. The financial investment to create a 64 bit version and upgrades the industry require are more than I can handle.

I have gained many friends and colleagues over the years and have learned much. I thank you for everything and your support as well. I cannot continue the support for your software and practices that you deserve.

I have contracted for a third party support to provide basic email support, which will include help on getting your data exported so you can use a different software.

Thanks again.

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