Satori and PDF files for patient folders & Print to PDF Information

Satori now supports individual patient folders that are accessible from within Satori to store any external files that you use to store additional information for patients. This will include any scanned documents that you wish to keep electronically as a PDF or other formats. This is the first step in cutting down the amount of ‘paper’ you use and print in your practice.

Satori has additional functionality to the application Paperport. This is an inexpensive application that helps to scan, organize and retrieve files easily on your computer. While there are several Print to PDF programs and freeware, Paperport’s design is by far the best we have seen for organization. You can additionally associate your PDF files with Paperport’s PDF view, greatly reducing the startup time of the traditional Adobe PDF viewer application.

We have been testing this new aspect of Satori for a year now and offices love the new features with Paperport.

Some info on PDF

PDF, simply means portable document format. This format can store scanned documents, images, letters and many other types in much smaller files on your hard disk than the original program or format would store them.

When installing the Paperport PDF driver it allows you to create a PDF file out of anything you would just send to the Printer, by just selecting the Paperport driver as your printer. This is convenient for printed reports in Satori such as Day Sheets, Appointment Calendars, Day Totals, Patient Lists, AR reports, and much more. You can store these in folders created for each month and/or year. Each file will have the date created as part of its file information. In literally any computer application, you can use the PDF driver to store an image, just by choosing ‘Print’. Keep copies of web pages, word documents, scanned information and articles for your office.

Paperport comes with many scanners as an included application. You can also purchase it directly from several web sites that retail it.

Pacific Geek sells it here.

We no longer recommend the CutePDF driver as its compatibility with other applications and ability to name PDF files is not automatic.

For further information contact our support department.