System Requirements

Single User

  • 1 Gb RAM (somewhat dependant on operating system and other programs you run, 2 Gig and higher are ideal)
  • 1024 X 768 Resolution minimum for graphics card and monitor. Satori supports higher resolutions for more information showing on forms and on Appointment Calendar.
  • 50 mg free space on hard drive (initial)
  • Windows XP Home or Pro (32 bit), Windows Vista (any 32 bit version), WIndows 7 (32 Bit Version**)


  • Same as above with Microsoft Network, network cards and cabling. For information on network setup requirements phone Satori. More than three computers on a local area network require a dedicated file server. Click here for advanced network specs
  • A note about wireless networks: While Satori can run on a wireless network that is fast enough to support it (we recommend N series routers and cards) it is not recommended. Wired connection to your data will give you the greatest performance.

System performance depends greatly on speed of computers and the network. The above requirements are minimums. Any new computers on the market today would be sufficient to run Satori.

* Satori’s data can be backed up by independent windows backup programs, or you can simply use Windows Explorer to drag files for backup onto the proper backup drive or device. Many network setups of Satori simply backup the data onto another computer on the network, and periodically create a backup for offsite purposes. Satori offers secure direct backups onto our FTP servers. Check our support packages for details.

** Satori is not compatible with Windows 7 (64 bit). You can run Satori inside the XP Mode for Windows 7 in 64 bit, but we recommend just installing the 32 bit version of that operating system.

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