Version 7.90 Upgrade Now Available

Includes Field Format changes for 5010 Compliance (Zip+4 etc)

Includes direct dialing using SKYPE.

Includes SOAP notes integration.

Includes ICS file creation for attachment emailing to pts to add to their calendars

Our upgrades are free of charge to clients who are current with their annual support fees.

Upgrades are installed remotely by our support staff over LogMeIn rescue remote support.

Please contact our staff to either schedule an upgrade appointment.

(Re) Installing Satori to new computers. Our support staff will (re) install Satori onto new computer(s) over the internet remotely. If you are replacing older computers, or just adding additional computers in your network (you must have enough licenses for Satori to add), we charge $40 per connection session. If you have more than one computer, it would just be the single charge. This is designed to cover our time only. It can take 5 min or 30 min depending on download speeds, computer speeds, and installation issues that sometimes arise. You can also use this service to remove and reinstall Satori from a workstation or server you believe has had virus or malware issues, and you just want a fresh install.